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We have vaporizers that are portable and compact for those that are adventurous and love the outdoor life. We do our research on vaporizers to make sure our customers are getting quality vaporizers with fair prices.

The pod system vaporizers

The pods system vaporizers are really simple to use. Most of the pod system vaporizers on the market have auto draw system which means you do not need to press any buttons to activate the vaporizers. All you just have to do is insert the pod into the vaporizer and put the vaporizer to your mouth to start vaping. When you start to inhale the vaporizer will become active. Some pod system vaporizers comes with pre-filled e-juice or CBD oil pods. Some pod system vaporizers have refillable pods that you can fill with your favorite e-juice or light oil.

The compact wax vaporizer

The compact wax vaporizers are for distillates and wax concentrates. you can adjust the voltage output of the vaporizers between 3.2 volt and 4.8 volt. The higher the voltage output you selected, the more power it draws from the battery so it produces more vapor. Most of the wax vaporizers works with 510 threaded cartridges on the market. To use the devices with wax concentrates you need to use higher voltage output.

The portable dry herb vaporizer

The dry herb vaporizers use heat that produces vapor to extract the active ingredients of herbs and other botanicals. They do not burn the herbs so you don't get the harmful chemicals which include tar and carbon monoxide from burning the herbs. Most dry herb vaporizers on the market today have adjustable temperature settings. You can select lower temperature setting if you want lower vapor production and higher temperature for more vapor production. Also, different temperature settings will give you different effects from the herb. So you can select the right temperature for the effect you want.

Benefits of vaporizer

There are many reasons you should switch to a vaporizer. The first reason off the top of my head is of course to have a healthier lung. When you smoke, according to American Cancer Society, the burning of tobacco contains over 7,000 different chemicals and over 70 of those chemicals are really bad for you and will cause cancer. A list of a few of the chemicals found in tobacco smoke are cyanide, formaldehyde, methanol, acetylene and ammonia just to name a few. But, when you vape, the chemicals in the e-juice, depending on the brand you purchased, are usually propylene glycol, food grade flavoring, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and that is it. And all of those chemicals are FDA approved for human consumption. Sure, nicotine is still a addictive substance but when you vape, you are not getting all the other harmful chemicals produced with smoking.

Do you hate the smell of smoking that sticks to your body and clothing? Then you should switch to vaporizers. The smell of the vapor will dissipate quickly and it will not get on your hands and clothes.

Last reason to switch to vaporizers is the cost. Vaping is cheaper that smoking even with the initial purchase of the vaporizers. Both you and your wallet will be happier when you switch to vaping.

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